Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long time, My how time flies

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Friends n Family!!!!

Been busy on the home front. Not going to say all of it is 'constructive' but busy. I have managed to get in a little knitting here and there, a tad of tatting, a bit of crocheting,,, gardening, having a BLAST with the grand babies!!! And learning some strategic games online. Otherwise you will likely find me in facebook.

However,,, I have a couple of friends are working on me, getting me back into the tatting mood. The past 9-10 months have been a little rough, dealing with some issues. Hopefully they are subsiding, would be better is they would disappear completely :)

Anyway,,, I'm going to try to make an effort to do a little more blogging. A couple of ppl have told me they miss me blogging. :) Thanks ladies!

Well about all for now. I do have tons of knitting pics, some tatting pic, from my last tatting exchange I think to post when I get to it. And a little crocheting.

Miss you all here in blogging land!!! Have a great week and STAY SAFE!!! Many Blessings!!!