Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Fellow Bloggers

Well I am just about to get my knitting caught up. I am looking forward to finishing current projects (well the requested ones anyway), so I can start TATTING AGAIN!!!
Oh btw,,,wait until you see what I got for my birthday in Nov!!! Talk about a HUGE surprise!!! Check this out!!!

My first ever HDT!!! This WONDERFUL SURPRISE birt
hday gift is
from Valerie Ho!!! Sent via Marilee Rockley!!! THANK YOU Valerie!!! I really LOVE these colors and just can't wait to start using them. Next question is WHAT do I tat with these gorgeous colors!!!! Ahhh decisions, decisions, decisions! Heehee!!!

Other news,,,,it has been COLD here. Last night temps dropped
to 7 degree F! I am sooo looking for Springs. Here are a couple photos I took recently!
This is early in the morning when the sun is just peaking over the mtns from the east, and the temps was only 9 F

This is a on New Year's Day,,,it was dumping snow like crazy for about 10 minutes,,,then went back to rain/snow for the next 3 days. Now it is colder,,,and everything is frozen solid! Currently temp is 10F and dropping! Brrrrrr!!!

Well I'll follow up with a new post with some of the knitting and crochet I have been doing lately.

See ya!!!