Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to Tatting :-]

Ok,,,sorry I didn't get anything new posted like I had planned. I do apologize :(

But I am here,,I guess better late than never right! Hehehe

Ok on to the tatting!

First of all,,,there are a couple of wonderful tatter and friends who has been REALLY encouraging me to get back into not only my fiberarts again,,,but into TATTING!!!! Thank you OHHHH SO MUCH my dear friends Valerie Ho and Beverly Elrod!!!!

Then Valerie and I started talking before Christmas about doing an exchange and since she knows I don't celebrate the holidays,,we decided to do a private exchange. I'm still working on mine :(

As part of the exchange from Valerie,,,she sent me this BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS order of HDT Lizbeth thread from Handy Hands! This is size 40 thread and what didn't get added in the pic was also a size 16 steel crochet hook for BEADS!!!!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Valerie, (I know I can't say it enough LOL!) :-]

Sooo of course my first project had to be ROSES!!!!

The roses pattern is created by Jeanne Lugert 3-D earrings n pendant
The Leaf pattern is a pattern created by Linda Davies, with a little alternation on the 'stem' end.

Next I had some metal ring bracelets I had bought last year at the local (suppose to be) dollar store (they weren't no dollar believe me lol). Sooooo

When I seen this pattern in my 'Easy Tatting' Book by Rozella Linden,,,,who could resist :] I did the blue/purple/red ornamental snowflake first (goofing and getting 7 pts in instead of 6 the pattern called for) , then I thought oh how pretty the fall colors would be in the gold ring. Sooo here are the results.

Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did tatting and sharing!

Brothers and Sisters :)