Sunday, October 28, 2007

Babies Here N Coming!!!!

As I was saying in before posts, I have some baby blankets I made and a crocheted one I got finished. Here are the 3 blankets I made, all are polar fleece (nice and soft):

This first one was given to a family that Hubby works with. They had a beautiful baby girl. Talk about a head FULL of dark hair!!!!

This one was given to a friend of our daughter's. Her beautiful baby was a boy and a miracle baby. She had had several mis-carriages previously. So this little guy is definitely a special one.

This one was made specially for our neighbor who had a beautiful baby girl! She not only has a BEAUTIFUL head of hair, it is really long (I have never seen a baby with hair so long before), it looked a touch frosted too, though it wasn't. She came in at 22 inches long, and if I remember right about 8 pounds.

This is my crocheted baby blanket (afghan). It is for a friend of the our two youngest kids. Can't tell you yet what their baby is like other than we know it is a girl. She is due in Nov, I think about the second week or so.

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