Thursday, November 22, 2007

Special prayer request!!!

I have some dear friends who have asked for prayer,,,so I am posting a copy of the request,,,,please all prayers warriors pray for this situation!

Shalom dear friends and prayer partners,

We really covet your prayers for a need that is hitting our family. At 9 am central time and 10 am eastern time our daughter Dana and our granddaughter will be going to court to have her ex-husband's rights revoke to visit her's/his daughter because of the fact that he has fallen far from grace. He is an alcoholic/drug addict and has done things with our granddaughter that is not fitting. There will also be coming up another court case against him which, if convicted, will get him jail time. We ask that you pray for Dana and our granddaughter for the strenght to go through this trial and that ALL the truth will be revealed...NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. And that the lies that he and his mother will swear to in court will stick in their mouths. We also ask that you pray that this will in NO WAY scare our granddaughter. And last but certainly not least, we ask that you pray for her so-called father(Jeff). NO ONE is beyond help when they are placed before the throne of Grace. Please stand in the gap for Jeff that Father will open his eyes to how deep he has dug the hole that he is in. Thank you

In His Service,
Frank & Carol

We want to thank each one of you for your prayers and support for Dana and her daughter. Please continue to pray, as Jeff's lawyer found a loop hole that said the case had to take place in Tennessee, and not in Arkansas. So this means it will still continue. Please pray that this will soon be over. Thank you so much. Frank and Carol

Thank you too from the bottom of my heart! Hugs N Blessings in Yahshua's Precious Name!

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