Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorry about being MIA!

Hello dear friends,

Thought I would grab a few minutes this morning to let ya all know what has been happening in my neck of the woods. LOL!

I haven't gotten a whole lot of tatting done because I am still busy with greenhouse n gardening. I'll try to get some pics of my 'little' greenhouse and post in a few days. Also helped a friend build a greenhouse, which we also have almost full as well. Also had to start working on the yard. The grass is growing like crazy with all the rain we keep getting. I wish I could sent it people in dryer parts that need it.

I have been 'trying' to get my May tatting exchange done, I keep goofing up the pattern, worse is it is just a dumb mistake, I seem to keep making over and over (not focusing I guess LOL), then when I had one almost done PERFECT the darn thread broke on me in closing a ring. And again a second one did the same thing, only I was closer to finishing this time.

For 2 weekends in a row, we had our older sons and thier wives visit (each one separately), which was so enjoyable, then Mother's Day our other son AND daughter also came out to visit as well, besides getting to have our grand daughter for 3 weekends in a row (almost).  Sadly our youngest son who is expecting a second baby in Sept, his wife has decided to leave him yet again. If only her parents would leave them alone, her dad is EXTREMELY controlling among other things. Boy Mother's Day sure felt like a whole week had gone by (hard one at that) all in one day, with the problems that arose! And they are sadly just beginning.

Let's see, I think that about covers all, got 2 dishcloths knitted and a 3rd is little more than half way done. Also got my living room all re-arranged yesterday. Our neighbor had given us a really nice hide-a-bed couch.

Well I guess I better close as I have to go get busy. I pray all is going well for everyone else. I have read a few of you have been or are sick or in pain, I pray you will heal quickly!

Hugs N Blessings to ALL!

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