Friday, October 24, 2008

What Do You Think? Crochet Or Tatting?

WoW Here is a challenge for you all:
Is this crochet or Tatting? I'll give you the answer later today!


~Heather~ said...

Hi Connie
Hmmmm I have seen this pattern before but forget what it really is I am thinking crochet??? Not real sure though... Cant wait to see the answer

Jane Eborall said...


yarnplayer said...

Well, the picture wouldn't get bigger, so I'm going to guess this is a fooler! But it sure does look like tatting.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

LOL I have to say you 'Tatters' sure know your stuff!!! Yes it is crochet. At first glance I thought it was tatting, but seen it is in fact crochet. The pattern is today's free pattern from "Annie's Attic"
Thank you everyone for participating!

TattingChic said...

LOL! I was going to guess crochet as well and felt to shy to comment...I know, what's up with THAT? (me, too shy to comment)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Wow! That was a real spoofer!

....oh..and I am laughing at Chiclet!

Needledreams said...

Hey Connie. DO you know this doily is going to be November's Challenge for my Spanish-speaking Tatters. :-) First I"ll do the original and then in tatting. It's a very interesting pattern and also I have a couple of patterns that can be "translated"to tatting. Love them!

singtatter said...

It's crocheted, but I too thought it sure looks like tatting. Now, do we have a case of trying to translate crochet to tatting, or perhaps the designer is trying to translate tatting to crochet!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

ROFL @ Tattingchic! I can't imagine you being shy :) But then again people have said that about me, (the ones who know me personally).

I totally agree ladyshuttlemaker. I know that first view really got me, then when I read it was crochet, I kind of had a hard time believing it.

WoW Wally, if 'anyone' can turn that beautiful doily into tatting, you sure can. I actually thought immediately of you when I realized it was crochet. Was thinking about trying it myself,,,only I'm just not up to the 'creating' patterns yet. I'm still trying to get back into the 'tatting' swing after not really tatting hardly any this summer. Boy did I get out of practice!!!

LOL good question singtatter!!!! Really good question!

Thank you everyone again for stopping by and commenting, and taking the challenge! This was fun!!! Ya all are getting me back into the tatting swing again!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Connie – Thanks so much for posting this quiz. Because of the quiz and your comments about Annie's Attic, I discovered who designed the doily I made for my Victorian doll! I will be explaining all this on my next post and will definitely give you credit for leading me to my discovery!

I’ve also been ‘catching up’ on your posts and I’m astounded at the progress you have made in tatting in such a short time (not to mention your mastering blogging) – while in the meantime having such an extremely busy life! (Congratulations on your new granddaughter!) And you finished your first round of the 25-Motif Challenge within a short time and are now on your second round, in addition to doing lots of crochet and other projects! I can only assume that you (and several other tatting bloggers) never sleep! Also – your garden photos are gorgeous, so your garden is amazing as well! I’m sure your area of the country has stunning scenery, but I couldn’t deal with those snowfall amounts! We’re already getting nervous about winter here in Pennsylvania – our first flurries are due tomorrow, way too soon for me! I don’t like to deal with even a little bit of snow – although I do love TATTED snowflakes!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Hi Kathy! Thank you for stopping by and your wonderful comments. I am glad I could help you out with finding info on your pattern. I can't wait to check out your Victorian Doll!

Actually I am a manic-depressant (bi-polar) so I do things in spells. I work really hard on one thing for awhile, then change to something else, come back, etc. Summertime, one hardly finds me on the computer at all,,,I am outdoors, gardening, fishing, camping, photographing, anything to stay outdoors! I do LOVE the tatting because I can take that with me too, but this summer I didn't carry it with me like last summer. I was just too busy. So by darkfall, I was just about literally falling into bed.

Actually I think I did finally manage to finish 2 challenges. Now I think I will tackle a 3rd, now that things are starting to slow down and I am getting back into my tatting. I just have to finish up with canning the last of the apples (probably applesause and juice). Then I want to try and get a few quilts made this winter, along with more TATTING!!!! LOL!!! I am currently working on some plans for making a craft shop/room for personal enjoyment, and to hopefully have some once a week or once a month anyway get togethers with the neighbor ladies and anyone else that would be interested in joining in.

Thank you on the grand daughter. She is just growing like a weed!!!!

LOL on the snow,,,we don't really get all that much snow. Those snow shots,,,that is pretty unusual,, and it was gone by the following day, less than 24 hours. It is funny how it will snow a whole bunch, then goes from snowing to rain and melts it all away. We actually get less snow here, then in Eastern Colorado/Western Kansas where I grew up. I know it is amazing how we can be sooo far north, yet our weather is actually pretty mild. Even our growing zone is between 6-7. Ocassionally we get an off winter, that will get pretty cold, or a heavier than usual snowfall, but on the average,,,It is REALLY mild. Our mtn peaks have had a little snow, but here closer to the valleys 3,000 ft and lower,,, no snow yet, and it is almost Nov. I really do dislike snow,,,but this I can handle. Glad you enjoyed the flower pics. I have a few more I got to marked (watermarked) then will post them. Along with some new tattings I am managing to get done.

LOL Yep I still manage to get plenty of sleep, sometimes too much LOL!!!