Friday, January 23, 2009

Update On My Little Pom Buddy!

Wanted to post a quick update. Peach is now home! We got her home yesterday afternoon. She is definitely almost back to her old self again. It is so great having her home!
I am a little upset with the vet's office. The told me over the phone I had a little credit coming,,,,, LITTLE is RIGHT, a whole whopping .72 cents. They made it sound like it was definitely more than that. Then there was NO instruction care at all, just 1 bottle of anti-biotic and 1 bottle of Vitamin K pills to give her,,,,,,and then they left the 'IV' needle (stint) in her leg still. And like I said not a single set of instructions!
At least she is OK though!
Here is a picture of our furry baby!
This is a few years ago it was taken though. She hasn't really changed any.

It is also snowing today. At least we had a nice break from 'new' snow. Though the last week almost 2 we didn't have much melting as temps stayed pretty cold. This weekend is when another 'artic' front is coming and it is suppose to get back down into the single digits again! UGH!!!
I won't get it done today, But I'll try get all of my latest tattings, and knittings posted this weekend.
Hope everyone is ready or is having a GREAT WEEKEND!!! Stay warm all of you in COLD areas!!!
Blessings N Thank you for your prayers for our little dog. Please add our youngest son to prayers now!


Needledreams said...

Thanks God your furry baby is doing better. She's really a cutie! I'm not a dog person but she sure looks like a very nice doggie.

Here in Egypt is very cold. Can you imagine 62 degrees? lol I haven't tat today, so off I'll go! Hope she continues getting better.

TattingChic said...

Connie, I'm so glad to hear your little Peach is feeling closer to "peachy keen"! ( I know I'm corny!)
Isn't that nice that you had credit! It's fabulous. God bless you and yours!

Ann said...

Glad to know she is doing better, but I wouldn't be happy without instructions from the vet, either...

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Thank you ladies, Peach is still doing pretty good. Once in awhile she still seems to not feel her best, otherwise she is full p---- and vinegar! LOL!

You are right Ann, I wasn't happy at all!

Oh Wally I would LOVE to have some of your 62 degree weather right now. We'd be running around outside in t-shirts LOL, but then again we aren't as used to as hot of weather as you are either. We are actually suppose to get more snow in the next day or two. But Sun today, I sure hope so.

LOL at you TattingChic,,,Love your humor, always puts a smile on face, like all my blogging friends do!

Blessings ladies, and thank you for coming by!

Anne said...

Peach is a cutie! :-)