Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Newest Tattings N Threads

Here is some of my newest threads again THANK YOU to Valerie Ho!!! She has been helping with some personal issues, and I just can't THANK her ENOUGH along with Beverly Elrod!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH Ladies for your support each and everynight!!!

My new threads are Lizbeth from HandyHands :) Thank you again Valerie! I can now add to my previous collection from Valerie. The newest colors are 'Red Burst', 'Natural', 'Mocha Brown dk', 'Countryside', and 'Mountain Breeze' Can't wait to start using these! All in size 40. I am finding I really LOVE this size thread!
I was doing a little cleaning and came across this basket I thought would make a great 'thread' basket. Just PERFECT for my newest threads. What do you think? All ready for doing a 'little' tatting? LOL!!! I know I'm sure ready to go again!!! I have really been finding I have missed not tatting. Can't believe I took such a long break!!!! Shame on me!!!!!!!!!

Beverly and I were doing a little web browsing one night when she came across this site with some pretty neat patterns. LOL! Well in my endeavors of trying out tatted necklaces,,, I fell in love with 'simple' motif! YEA RIGHT!!! "Simple!" Did I say SIMPLE! LOL!!! Well it is IF you just follow more with the picture than with the instructions. Of course you need some of the instructions as well. But all in all,,,here is completed. I still like how it turned out.
Oh guess I should get ya all the link before I forget :) The site she found was The thread I used here is DMC Cebelia in the lavendar size 10, I just had laying close by when I found the pattern and of course happen to have a shuttle handy! I mean what tatter wouldn't have a shuttle handy??? heehehehe

Here is my first attempt at tatting a necklace AND without really having a pattern to follow. I'm not sure I am too please with how the 'leaves' lay, but my friend who I made the necklace for (her daughter actually) loved it. So I guess that is what counts. The teardrop shape ivory is actually a prehistoric critter tusk. It is mastodon. The tatted rose of course is one of my favs, by Jeanne Lugert, her 3-d Rose Earrings. Here I used a black size 10 crochet thread, probably coats n clarks or something like that. And then in one of my tatting thread exchanges,,, (Please forgive me I can't find my notes or remember who) gave me some beautiful gold metallic thread, I separated and used in the rose and then the chain. (I think it could have been Karey Solomon, but not positive, if I am wrong,,,I apologize, otherwise,,,I still THANK YOU whoever it was that sent it to me).

Here is my second attempt at making a necklace. This one is for the daughter of the one getting the above necklace. Here I used the same size 10 black crochet thread, adding in some red and blue beads while tatting in Victorian sets. And then the heart motif is a beautiful pattern called 'SweetHeart' by Birgit Phelps I used Size 30 DMC Cebelia threads in royal blue and darker red.

This last necklace I just finish today. Again just simple Victorian Sets done in the same black as the other 2 necklaces,,,only switching back and forth with the size 10 black and a size 10 red crochet thread. Then I added a glass teardrop bead. This is for the brother to the little girl getting the heart necklace. I do hope they all like them. :)

Well, I think that is all for now. Hope you all are still awake LOL! Enjoy the eyecandy!

Blessings to all!

OH yea,,,before I forget,,,TattingChic is having a blogoversary and giveaway,,,be sure and go by and check it out!!!


❦TattingChic said...

Hi There Connie! Glad to see that you are blogging again! Thanks for mentioning joining in the blogoversary giveaway! If you give a link back to my give away in that mention there AND come back and comment again you'll get a second entry! You can do it, I know you can! Good luck!
~TattingChic ♥

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Thanks TattingChic! Actually I have to change something on my site, just haven't figured out how, because if you click on your name, it will take you directly to your blog for the giveaway.

Thanks you for popping by and leaving me a comment :)

Karen said...

Hi Connie, Good to see you back tatting and blogging. Your necklaces look great. Will be fun to see what you do with the new thread. I like the #20n Lizbeth I've used. Will we see you in Spokane? Hope so. Karen in OR

Val said...

ahhh connie, i'm beginning to get envious of you with those threads. LOL i know u'll do good with them. look at those new pieces you'd tatted.

all best,