Monday, August 20, 2007

25 Motif Challenge-Motifs 1,2 & 3

Motif #1

This is my very first motif I have ever done. I did it using DMC Cebelia size 30, color # 603 "pretty pink". I got this pattern from a Workbasket Dec-1989 issue.

Motif #2
This Clover Leaf Heart-ModernPriscilla 1917- motif is done using DMC Cebelia a red and light blue size 10. I got the pattern from Handy Hands JanDec 2007 catalog.

Motif #3

This motif is done from a thread exchange I recently participated in. This thread is King Tut quilting thread color # 916 'mummy's dearest' provided to me by Carolyn K. (Thank you Carolyn, LOVE IT!) The pattern is from Georgia Seitz Round Robin For Beginners (Thank you as well Georgia!)

Thank you for looking at my first beginnings.


Tattycat said...

Your first motifs? Wow! You did a great job! They are very pretty and I hope you will enjoy the challenge.

NormaH said...

I am impressed with your tatting and the fact you set up your blog by yourself.

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments!!!

Barbara Gordon said...

Hi, I just want to tell you that for some of these being your first medallions, they sure look good. Now, could you please tell me where you purchase your threads, especially the Cebelia?
Keep tatting,

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...


Do you have a 'Ben Franklin's' locally? That is where my hubby bought some of my Cebelia thread. Then when I went to visit my two oldest in Washington State,,,they is two different craft chain stores, (Michael's and Craft Warehouse) where I got the rest of my Cebelia thread. I can't remember for sure which one it was for sure, I think it was Michael's I found some that was size 10, 20 and one 30 that was on clearance for 3.00 a ball. I hope this helps. I know Ben Franklin's is a chain store too for tons of crafts. I can't remember is hubby found any Cebelia at Wal-mart or not. We have a 'SUPER CENTER Wal-Mart' but it isn't near as good as one he found in Spokane, Washington.

I am soooo sorry Barbara it has taken me so long to answer. I seen your post shortly after you posted, and meant to answer you then, but then well something distracted me,,, and I totally forgot to get back.

Thank you for your compliments on my tatting. Wish my latest projects looked at good as the ones I posted. LOL.

Thank you again and again I do apologize for not answering sooner.