Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WoW, I can't BELIEVE how FAST time has flown by!!!

I've gotten about 9 doilies crocheted, and almost 1 doily tatted (my first tatted doily, WOO HOO!!). I also started a motif using a simple flower pattern from Susan H. I kind of messed up on it, but after having to go back uhmmm (let's just say a few times) and having to 'frog' it,,, (King Tut quilting thread), I'm not going to bother with correcting it. Besides it is what is left over from my thread exchange, so I don't have enough to make too many corrections as it is. LOL I am sure my mom will understand anyway, since it is more or less a sample to show her what I have been learning this summer.

Anyway, I hope to get some ready to post by the end of the week, or possibly the first of next week, as my oldest and his wife is coming to visit this weekend. I am soo excited!!!!!

Hope ya are having a great week!!!! Blessings!!!!

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