Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here is the doily I have been talking about I finally finished. Didn't really take that long to do. I made it with DMC 100% cotton size 10 thread. Color #5745 Banana Yellow. It is approximately 22 inches in diameter. The pattern is "Venus In View" by Glendola Hodges published in the Magic Crochet Feb. 1992 #76 magazine issue pages 42-43.

I really like how this one turned out.

BTW any and all comments are more than WELCOME on my work, as it helps me to learn and grow!

Thanks for looking!!!

Babies Here N Coming!!!!

As I was saying in before posts, I have some baby blankets I made and a crocheted one I got finished. Here are the 3 blankets I made, all are polar fleece (nice and soft):

This first one was given to a family that Hubby works with. They had a beautiful baby girl. Talk about a head FULL of dark hair!!!!

This one was given to a friend of our daughter's. Her beautiful baby was a boy and a miracle baby. She had had several mis-carriages previously. So this little guy is definitely a special one.

This one was made specially for our neighbor who had a beautiful baby girl! She not only has a BEAUTIFUL head of hair, it is really long (I have never seen a baby with hair so long before), it looked a touch frosted too, though it wasn't. She came in at 22 inches long, and if I remember right about 8 pounds.

This is my crocheted baby blanket (afghan). It is for a friend of the our two youngest kids. Can't tell you yet what their baby is like other than we know it is a girl. She is due in Nov, I think about the second week or so.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not much today

Wow, most the afternoon is gone. I didn't get any crafting done today. I went out to plant a rose bush and next thing I know, I have planted daylilies, ornamental grass, cranesbill geranium, 3 different shade loving plants, a vinca vine, couple of other flowering plants, did some mowing, pick a couple of potatoes, peppers, carrots, peas and beets. Besides hauling water to the dogs. I think it is time for a break. LOL!

Hopefully later I'll get a pic taken of my doily I finished crocheting last week, and get the pics posted of it and the baby blankets I made.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Well I am finally getting back. Been pretty sick for a couple of days with the flu. Still trying to recover from it. At least things have slowed down enough I have been able to get scanned the latest motifs I have done. All are tatted except for one is crocheted as I have a friend who is talking about hiring me to do some projects for her. More later if she does.

Here is a re-make of Heart Snowflake By Jon of Jon's Thread Escapades
Using DMC Cebelia Size 10 in a pale yellow (color #745)
I think I am getting better at my throw-off rings/clovers!!!

Motif #08

This is using a pattern by Mary Donohue aka Icela.
I used a sportweight yarn, I thought was some alpaca, but later found out it wasn't. Also when I starched it, I pulled it into points instead of leaving rounded like the pattern. But again I was also practicing not reversing my work. I was surprised at how easy the yarn did work up. I figured I would have alot of problems with it.
OH BTW this is her Square Motif/Coaster pattern

Motif #09

This motif here I used Wally Sosa's Base motif #2 Just using some
Knit-cro-sheen metallic as an experiment using thread with metallic mix with it.
The small blossom is just trying to use up what was left on shuttle. Not real sure
I like using metallic thread. Will definitely need more practice!!!

Motif #10

This is a "Butterfly Snowflake" by Samatha Melnychuk.
I can't say if I liked doing this pattern or not. LOL. Actually it was pretty easy, next time I would definitely want to use a picot gauge for the antennae. Then tying little knots in the ends,,,,,,,THAT was a CHALLENGE. LOL I used two pair of pointed tweezers to do it.
I used Clarks O.N.T 6-chord Size 30 in a varigated blue.

This one is crochet. I'm not sure of the thread, other than it is probably a knit-cro-sheen in an off-white/cream color. The name of the pattern is 'Regal Snowflake' design by Julie A Bolduc. I got it from the internet as I of course do with most all of my patterns.

About Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacle), it was a BLAST even though the last half of it was mostly rainy and chilly. My second day there I also caught a cold, which thanks to some of the people there who had some essential oils, it helped me get over it really quick. I met a lot of new people who live in my area or at least the surrounding area. We are talking of possibly getting together for a small campout for Passover too, at least a gathering. Made some great friends. Was also very educational. I can't say there hasn't been a Sukkot yet in which Abba Father hasn't taught or helped me something I have been struggling with or needed to learn.

Anyway,,,, hope all are doing well. Thank you for stopping by my blog (s) and looking. I also look forward to reading each and every comment you leave.