Tuesday, October 23, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Well I am finally getting back. Been pretty sick for a couple of days with the flu. Still trying to recover from it. At least things have slowed down enough I have been able to get scanned the latest motifs I have done. All are tatted except for one is crocheted as I have a friend who is talking about hiring me to do some projects for her. More later if she does.

Here is a re-make of Heart Snowflake By Jon of Jon's Thread Escapades
Using DMC Cebelia Size 10 in a pale yellow (color #745)
I think I am getting better at my throw-off rings/clovers!!!

Motif #08

This is using a pattern by Mary Donohue aka Icela.
I used a sportweight yarn, I thought was some alpaca, but later found out it wasn't. Also when I starched it, I pulled it into points instead of leaving rounded like the pattern. But again I was also practicing not reversing my work. I was surprised at how easy the yarn did work up. I figured I would have alot of problems with it.
OH BTW this is her Square Motif/Coaster pattern

Motif #09

This motif here I used Wally Sosa's Base motif #2 Just using some
Knit-cro-sheen metallic as an experiment using thread with metallic mix with it.
The small blossom is just trying to use up what was left on shuttle. Not real sure
I like using metallic thread. Will definitely need more practice!!!

Motif #10

This is a "Butterfly Snowflake" by Samatha Melnychuk.
I can't say if I liked doing this pattern or not. LOL. Actually it was pretty easy, next time I would definitely want to use a picot gauge for the antennae. Then tying little knots in the ends,,,,,,,THAT was a CHALLENGE. LOL I used two pair of pointed tweezers to do it.
I used Clarks O.N.T 6-chord Size 30 in a varigated blue.

This one is crochet. I'm not sure of the thread, other than it is probably a knit-cro-sheen in an off-white/cream color. The name of the pattern is 'Regal Snowflake' design by Julie A Bolduc. I got it from the internet as I of course do with most all of my patterns.

About Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacle), it was a BLAST even though the last half of it was mostly rainy and chilly. My second day there I also caught a cold, which thanks to some of the people there who had some essential oils, it helped me get over it really quick. I met a lot of new people who live in my area or at least the surrounding area. We are talking of possibly getting together for a small campout for Passover too, at least a gathering. Made some great friends. Was also very educational. I can't say there hasn't been a Sukkot yet in which Abba Father hasn't taught or helped me something I have been struggling with or needed to learn.

Anyway,,,, hope all are doing well. Thank you for stopping by my blog (s) and looking. I also look forward to reading each and every comment you leave.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

These are so pretty! I may have to try tatting with yarn... I never even considered the possibility. I thought it would just catch on itself and make a mess!

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

I know just what you mean Diane, this yarn I used seemed to be a bit different. It didn't have all the 'fuzzy' like most yarns do. I sure wish I knew what kind it was. The lady (my neighbor) who gave it to me also gave me some other colors of the same stuff. It is really soft too!!! I might be making more stuff with it too, where I figured in the beginning I would just crochet with it.

NormaH said...

Delightful snowflakes! Really very, very pretty.