Friday, December 21, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Man I HATE re-doing messages! I had a whole message typed and photos included, hit the publish, and it came up with nothing. So here I go again.

Here is my latest tattings along with some I have done, just didn't post for various reasons.

This Light pink is done using an Anchor pearl cotton size 12 (I think). I got it in the Ruth Perry Sale. The pattern is from 'Tatting- 60 original Lace Treasures by Christel Weidmann' a book also from Ruth's Sale. At first I didn't think I was going to want to finish this. But I like the delicate lacey look to it. This is actually design #1, originally planned for design #2, but I think I will redo design #2 so that it lays flatter. I started out not making my 1/4 inch spaces even until too late. Sign I need more practice for sure. So since I have enough of the thread, I'm going to do just that.

This one is another work in progress. I LOVE this thread. It is a quilting thread I got from a good box from BJ in New Mexico. The thread is Superior Threads Perfect Quilter size 100. Not sure the color. I think it is #021. The pattern I am using (Have one more round to go) is "The Cherub Doily". I can't remember just where on the net I got the pattern. As soon as I find out, I'll edit it in here. This of course isn't going to be a doily size as this is only about 2 inches across. I really LOVE these colors though!!!!

The top one in blue n white is where I was emptying the last in a shuttle. The green is a Majestic thread Size 80 from Patti D in Spokane WA. The pattern is one of Wally's Tat-along Projects. This is one, I haven't decided what else to with it, that is why I hadn't posted sooner,,,so I guess it could be considered a work in progress as well. The tails are still on these, I just cloned them out. Nothing is blocked yet.

Again the top one is finishing what was on a shuttle. The multi-color is also finishing what was in a shuttle. It is a King Tut thread from the thread exchange. I was trying to do a little something for my mom, but ran out. Don't know what I will do with these yet.

This is my Motif # 13 This is a play around using a tab off a potatoe sack, like used on bread only longer. This is a 'Dove' pattern by JoAnn Stearns. I really like this little dove. I think I will use her idea and make some earrings using this pattern. I'll probably add beads to the ones I make for earrings. LOL I sure thought this 25 Motif Challenge would go faster! But then again when distracted with other projects and an adorable little grand baby. Things do slow down a bit.

This is Motif #14. I used J.P. Coats Best 6 cord Big Ball in an off-white color of some sort. Size 20. I added seed beads I got from Ruth's sale. The design is again from Wally's Tat-along project.

Well there ya have it,,, my projects in progress and finished projects. I didn't as much done I wanted to while I was on my 4-day trip to the ski resort in Canada as I ended up with some bug I guess. Just didn't feel well. I didn't even get any photos from the trip. It was a really nice place. Seen tons of elk (some really Majestic bulls) and lots of cows. Some places on the way (after dark) we had to go slow as they were bedding down on the highway. We also seen a HUGE lynx too! Really awesome!


Linda S Davies said...

Connie, as said on HBT, definite improvement going on here. Keep up the good work and have a lovely Christmas!

Jeff said...


All your motifs are looking great! Keep up the good work. I thought i should mention that I found Perfect Quilter thread to be exactly the same size as DMC Size 80 tatting thread. Also, the Cherub doily pattern can be found here:

Jeff H

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

Thank you Linda again for the compliment! I can tell with my newest doily of Clyde's, that I am definitely improving too. LOL Finally one that lays flat!
Thank you Jeff for your compliments too! That is interesting. I know I really like the Perfect Quilter thread. Thank you also for the link for where it was I got the Cherub Doily pattern!
Hope ya both had a wonderful holiday! Blessings!