Wednesday, December 26, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

I decided to take a couple days off from the computer. On Christmas day (though we don't celebrate it) I spent the day watching movies with hubby (old westerns) and tatting.

I really love this pattern by Bob The Bike! I hope he approves! I may do up another in another color. I made this one in Rubi varigated green. I can't tell you much else about the thread, as I don't understand the language on it. The thread was a WONDERFUL surprise from BJ in New Mexico!

While I have thread left over on my shuttle, I decided to try something using bugle beads. So I made this dove earring by JoAnn Stearns. I just need to make the mate now. I wasn't sure I would be able to work it with all of those beads on. Little tricky but I succeeded. Not sure how well I like the result though.

Thanks for looking and stopping by. All comments and critiquing is welcome!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your motif is beautiful! I love the way the variegated thread looks... and the earring looks great! I don't think I'd have ever thought of using bugle beads with tatting. Of course, I haven't tried using any beads with tatting! ; )

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

Thank you Diane! That makes me feel like the mate to that earring will be worth doing afterall.LOL! I am glad you like the motif doily! I too really like the way it turned out, besides it is I think my first small doily to actually lay flat! So I must be starting to get the hang of it!
Thank you again for your comments! Greatly appreciated!

Pamela said...

The motif doily is very, very nicely done. Love the colour, must try that thread.

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

Thank you Pamela! I must admit I really do like working with this thread (Rubi).

yarnplayer said...

The doily is lovely and so is the earring! Very creative, do finish the set!

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

Thanks yarnplayer! LOL I guess I will DEFINITELY be finishing the mate to the earring. I am so blown away by the responses I am getting on it.