Sunday, December 2, 2007

Venting time!!!!

UGH, I was just up until wee hours of the morning uploading some photos onto another site similiar to Multiply where some family members are. Only to wake up this morning to find that the site removed EVERY photo including the photo I put in for my profile, deeming them all as 'inappropiate'!!!! I sure don't understand where they get photos of tatting, crocheting and sewing would be inappropiate. I put in the description where I got each pattern, the kind of thread I used, AND my images all have my own copyright on them. I read in thier policy, no copyrighted images unless they are your own. Well duh,,,,you would think when they see '©RainbowRose Photography' in albums by 'Rainbow Rose Connie' that would say SOMETHING!!! All the images are the same exact images I have posted here on this blog. They even removed my face photo!

I am seriously thinking of leaving, that is just too crazy. They have where photos of a single person, child by itself, 'YOU as a child, or an animal by itself, can not be shared! I don't agree with porn or anything wierd like that, but this is going a bit tooooo far!!!!

Ok I'll step down now. I did email so waiting for reply. Sorry about this, I had to vent.

We now have another foot of snow and it is still coming down. Suppose to keep on until snowing like this until Monday late Monday afternoon. I will try and get some photos in a bit and post.

UPDATE: Well I got a reply back, they apologized and want me to re-submit my photos again and they will post IF they are approved. Just not sure I feel like going through that 3 hours of work again, with uploading and then posting in the descriptions for each again. Especially since they may not be approved again.

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