Monday, February 11, 2008

25 Motif Challenge FINAL

Here is my FINAL motif for my 'First' 25 Motif Challenge

This is the pattern of the original design I used for my tatting exchange, then I got the idea of trying beads, since I was pretty close to doing the 'drop down' picot anyway, it just lacked the picot. I sent this one home to my middle daughter-in-law.

This was my first try using the beads. But I goofed on the bottom, and had to re-do it. LOL I didn't realize my mistake until I was almost to the top. Anyway my oldest daughter-in-law LOVED it! So I gave it to her.

This is the heart I sent to my 'Heart Tatting Exchange' partner, besides the small red one with the white butterfly and white teardrop.

Here is the rest of what I sent for my tatting exchange:Here is what I got in the "Heart's Exchange" My partner (an excellent tatter), Arlene!

This is my surprise goodies that was in the card from Arlene! She did a really TERRIFIC job! Her tatting is really beautiful!
The variegated Pink heart is a pattern by Teri Dusenbury. The thread is Coats Vintage thread.
The red heart is a 'pineapple Split-Ring by Shery Matthews2004 pattern. The thread Arlene used is a #50 discontinued Flora.
THANK YOU AGAIN Arlene for the BEAUTIFUL tatted hearts!!!!!

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Shay said...

I have the Anne Orr book; I really like the job you did on the medaillon, I'm going to have to be a copycat for my next motif for the challenge.