Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm In A Dilemma!!!

I need some suggestions please!!! Hubby boss is having their yearly party on the 13th of this month. They have a gift exchange and have set the $ value to $40. per guy's gift and per lady's gift. I thought this year I would try something a little different and make something handmade.

Here are a couple of problems I'm dealing with:

1. I don't know how well the 'handmade' will go over, so I am finding myself second guessing everything.

2. I REALLY feel I am lacking in 'goodies' as what I have put together so far. Need more help here with some ideas. Here is what I have so far:

(2) dishcloths, knitted- one pink with a rose, one ecru with a seashell

(2) scrubbies, crocheted - one pink, one ecru (both made from nylon netting)

(2) potholders, crocheted- one pink, one ecru both to match the cloths.

(2) tribbles, knitted- one pink, one ecru again to match the cloths. (a tribble is like the scrubbies but made from the same 100% cotton yarn the cloths are made from.

I thought about making matching hand towels, but not sure I would have time, or even that I could get the 'rose' and 'shell' patterns centered right. I also thought about making a 'sack sock' combining the two colors in like a striped sack sock. I am currently thinking about making 2 more cloths using the same colors only no pattern. One more thing I thought about adding in, is a 'natural' colored doily I have crocheted using the 'pineapple' pattern.

Oh I am also going to include a couple of pints of my jams.

Here is a photo of what I have so far. (sorry the photo isn't the best. Will take another today, since we actually have sunshine!

Here is the photo of the doily:

Sure looking any suggestions you can give me. If you think it would be better to scrap this idea and buy something,,,PLEASE let me know.



Sharon said...

I have one word - BUY. Giving handmade items to people unless you know that they will like them in advance, is probably not a good idea. A lot of people are very mercenary and have no appreciation for handmade goods and equate handmade articles with cheap, often saying things like, "you have more time than money". Unless the person does handmade things themselves they will not have any understanding or care of the time and skill involved and may not only NOT appreciate it, they may even make denigrating comments behind your back. It hard enough to make things for people YOU work with, but doubly hard to make things for people you may have never even met. I would save the lovely things you have done for people who wil value them as they deserve.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Thanks Sharon. I actually thought about that. If it weren't for the fact that (at least the ladies I know) do appreciate handmade stuff, and are really 'downhome' ladies, I would never have even considered doing this. At least half of the ladies are pretty much into down home type stuff. (Mennonite and LDS), not that that means everything.
But I still may end up going that route. A great girlfriend of mine just called suggesting I make necklace (she has some crystals and copper colored thread, giving me an idea to TAT some earrings n necklace) that way there is something personal for the lady who choses, and something for the house. The other good part is,,, the exchange is a game where the gifts can be stolen from each other,,,so if nothing else, I can always steal my own gift which is allowed. LOL it is amazing how many people buy something they want for themselves and do just that, try keeping it. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, they still loose it LOL!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I tend to agree with Sharon. I'm very particular about who I give handmade gifts to, because I've felt let down too many times by the recipients response. However, if the recipient loves handmade gifts, I think what you've made is wonderful!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Hi Diane!
Thanks for coming by. I personally have never had anything like that happen before,,, but then again I haven't really given any handmade gifts before, other than to people who I 'knew' really like certan things. BUT I have seen it before, and that is one reason I am so hesitant. 'Second guessing' myself. At least there is still time to change my mind and go buy something.

Good hearing from you!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I for one would LOVE your beautiful handmade items...but perhaps the others are right, they may not be properly apreciated. On the other hand you could really touch someone with your gifts and perhaps even educate by including information on how your items were made and how much time and love went into them.

victats@gmail.com said...

Sometimes, its not a money thing but a style issue as well. Not everyone likes the handmade look. However, if people can pick their gifts or steal gifts then its likely to go to someone who wants it. I think the biggest thing will be to package it so it looks special. If it looks valuable then people will think its valuable. Your right in that you can always steal it back. So I say go for it? What's the worse that could happen? You end up with your work back. (Unless you're like me- I'd get really mad!lol!)

Msquared said...

I think your idea of making matching items is perfect. The problem is that TOO many now are trained to expect store bought throw away, disposable society junk!. There are some things that you cannot get store bought. I would much prefer that gifts given to me were given some consideration instead of stopping at a HUGE outlet to pick up a nondescript canister of 2 crackers and just enough cheese to bait a trap!
The things you have made and shown us would delight any Mennonite as it is well within their LIFE philosophy! I say if you give the handmade gifts YOURS will be the talk of the party, because you actually put some thought into this.
As for gifts for men, Since you crochet, How about slippers? most of the time unless they are on one particular end of the spectrum the slippers might be tooo big or too small kind of thing.. but Crochet is pretty forgiving. Also you could make a Cap or scarf, Since you know how to do "NET" perhaps a Netting Gym bag that they can keep their dirty clothes in inside their gym bag? A Lap quilt or crocheted blanket works great at their desk at work, or even in the car should they be the kind that like to nap at lunch. Please reconsider the purchasing of the gift. Stay with the Handmade.
I gave away Tatted Snowflakes this year and not once did I get a derogatory comment. In fact I had people fighting over one particular design. Now I have a raffle to give it away. Really I think your idea is fantastic!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Sherry -- Thank you. Well I have decided I am going to go ahead and try for the 'hand made' approach. If nothing else, I figure I'll select my own, that way I'll know for sure if anyone is interested in it. If it gets taken before I can, they I'll still have sort of idea if anyone likes it or not. At least I hope so :)That way no one will end up with it, if they really don't like it. I hope I am a middle person or closer to then end of the exchange,,, that is IF we go now. LOL Hubby kept forgetting to RSVP, so it may be too late. Oh well, I believe there is a reason for EVERYTHING that happens. And if we don't go, or I get it back, I just may have a 'blog' giveaway myself.

Victats -- LOL any other time I probably would be a little upset,,,but in this case it won't bother me. LOL it is amazing how in the past most people buy something they themselves want, and then try to keep it! Soooo since I know just what I have in these, AND how well these work (the cloths etc), it won't bother me at all. Besides, I know I have a lot of online buddies too that would love them!

Michael -- Thank you as well, I know just what you mean about the 'store bought' idea. But as I said earlier, that is Ok. Actually I am pretty fortune ( I think) that most people in this area really do have an appreciation for handmade items. We have a 'farmers market' and several craft fairs in around this area that are usually quite popular! That would be awesome if they do turn out to be the 'talk of the party' but I won't get my hopes too high in case they don't.
Hmmmmm I'll consider the ideas for 'men' for next year. I guess I never really thought of making something for 'guys',,,but after posting this post on all my blogs, I am being given several ideas and suggestions, I just may try, depending on how this turns out.
Congrats on how your Tatted snowflakes did!!! That sure makes one feel good to have ones own work fought over :)

Thank you everyone for your suggestions, idea, and feelings on this subject. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes, IF we still get to go.