Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Round Robin Bookmarks

Well here I am again behind in posting, after I said I would post my newest tatting in a couple of days. I have been so busy trying to get more knitting done for the upcoming party gift exchange. That and cleaning house as our two oldest sons are coming with one daughter-in-law.

So without any further delay,,,here is the GORGEOUS bookmark I received from my Winter 2008 Round Robin Bookmark exchange partner - Abby

Abby made this beautiful bookmark from a pattern by Debbie Arnold and used Opera size 20, which seems finer than size 20.

Thank you Abby, I LOVE it!!!! The green ribbon looks just like this adorable seahorse is swimming among the sea kelp!!!

And here is the bookmark I made and sent to my partner Bonnie:

This bookmark I made using DMC size 80 in variegated pinks (or rose). This pattern is by Ellen Lai aka Singtatter the name of the bookmark is Dancing Kristine. My ribbon unfortunately is kind of on the 'wide' side. But I didn't have any that would better. Feel free to change it Bonnie if you would like.

I also got to order me some thread (LOL my once a year order). I got some DMC Cebelia threads in size 30 and one ball of DMC size 80 a varigated purple, along with a book of bookmark patterns. Here is my order:Then I had inquired in Here-Be-Tatters if anyone could tell me much about Olympus thread and would be interested in trading some samples. Bless Maggie's precious heart,,,She sent me some WONDERFUL samples of not only a YUMMY Olympus thread size 40, but also some Altin Basak - size 50 in teal, green with metallic, and a yellow/orange along with some Oren Bayan -size 50 in green variegated and red & pink variegated, and also some Omega -size 30 in the wonderful colors red n white variegated and a light turquoise. I have already started working on something with the yummy colored Olympus, you will have to wait and see what it is when finished! LOL! THANK YOU MAGGIE!!!!

I would also like to Thank you all of those that replied to me in HBT about the Olympus thread! I think I will be working on saving up to order some of the Olympus along with more DMC Cebelia and DMC size 80. This bookmark exchange has helped me remember just how much I like the size 80 thread. I just need to practice TONS MORE on using the 'magic thread' technique.

Thank you all for coming by and looking at my work and for those that leave me all of your wonderful word of encouragement. I do appreciate it tremendously!

Blessings All!

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