Tuesday, January 29, 2008

25 Motif Challenge-Motifs #23 and 24

WoW, I can't believe it!!! I have done ALL 25 of my motifs for the challenge (officially) but I can't post my 25th one just yet. As it is for my tatting exchange and I don't want to blow the surprise as my partner will see it, I have no doubt. LOL! So as soon as she gets it, I'll post it, along with the others I did in practice LOL.

This challenge has been a real enjoyment! I have can honestly say I have learned soooo much too!! I am really surprised at how fast it went, and can go!

Here is motif 23:

This is a pattern by Mark Myers, 'shuttle'. I had some left over thread I on my shuttles, so I decided to try this pattern. I just ran out of the pink before I could do my last two rings, and (being lazy) besides not want to put a bunch of thread on the shuttles again, I just finished it off with the green.

This little heart is a pattern by Mark Myers for 9/11. I used some of the neat Rubi thread that was sent to me from BJ in NM! Thank you both, Mark and BJ!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my projects as much as I have enjoyed making them and learning! Yep I am definitely hooked on tatting now! So I will continue to share what I learn and make.

Thank you EVERYONE for all your encouragement and comments!

Hugs, Blessings N Prayers!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a quick note

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you all know I am still around. Just been busy with housecleaning, crocheting an edging that was ordered by a friend for a jewelry box she is having custom made for her daughter-in-law. I have also been working on my International Tatting Exchange project. I actually had it done, but decided to try it again, but experimenting with something I'll let you all know the details when it is over, so that way it will be a surprise to my partner.

Hubby surprised me with 3 new tatting books by Dover!!!

1. Easy Tatting by Rozella F. Linden

2. Tatted Doilies & Edgings by Rita Weiss

3. Tatting with Anne Orr

So I of course am enjoying looking through these trying to decided just which to attempt next. I also last week got 2 books hubby got me:

1. A Tatter's Workbook by A.Tatter

2. The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones

Love going through those two as well. Getting all kinds of ideas!!!!!

Well, I gotta run, gotta catch up on emails (hubby has had the computer for a few days while off work- slow at his job-nothing for him to do, and then daughter had computer).

The temps here have also been down in low low teens and single digits. Last night we got below 0 F. I am SOOOOOO READY for Spring! At least I have some flowers in the house blooming and getting ready to bloom!

Hugs, Blessings N Prayers!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tatted Pocket Angel-

I had a bit of thread left on a shuttle, so I thought I would give this pattern a try:

This adorable 'Pocket Angel – Mary in SE Iowa' I made in a Rubi thread, varigated violet blues. I kind of messed up on it, in the fact, I totally FORGOT to put in the last picot. So I used my crochet hook, going down through my ds and pulled up the thread, then joining. Will be making more of these. I too want to share these with service men and women,,,and anyone else I think could use one!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Motif #21 This pattern is by Bob The Bike. I am afraid I didn't do it justice. I'm not real sure what I did different, but it didn't turn out with the pretty shape his has. I used Rubi Thread Colors: 1242 (pale yellow) and 9172 (varigated violetblues) Thank you Bob for such a pretty design! It was fun doing!!!

Motif # 22 Here is my second attempt at Jon's 'Hearts Snowflake' with a ring. This time I did what I wanted in doing every other ring the same as the chain so the hearts stand out better. I think I should have done the ring itself in a different color though. Oh well,,,I think it turned out fair anyway. I used Rubi Thread Colors: 1242 (pale yellow) and 9172 (varigated violetblues) Thank you Jon for a delightful pattern!

Friday, January 4, 2008

25 Motif Challenge Motif #20

I did a little practicing on some new techniques the last couple of days. One I didn't take a photo of, just a bit of a piece trying to do tatted chain links. Pretty cool!!!,,, but I definitely
will have to practice more on that one. LOL I wish I could have taken pics
of my hubby, daughter and friend's reactions when they seen it! LOL My
friend had to have a magnifying glass, it was pretty funny!
Motif # 20
The second technique was my first try at covering a cabone ring. I used Jon's pattern where she used the Hearts Snowflake. I didn't get brave enough to
include the beads, as I was mainly trying to learn to cover a ring. Took a
bit of studying the pattern to make sure I had the right number of ds and
picots in the right places. But I did it! In two colors too. Just wish I had
thought enough ahead and did every other ring on the second round in the same color as my chain, so the hearts would have showed up better. Oh well,,,, live n learn!

Oh Shoot, I forgot to put in a link where to find the pattern! Here is the link with the pattern for the 'Heart's Snowflake itself: http://tatsaway.blogspot.com/2007/02/it-was-fun-snowflakes-in-february.html and here is the link for the ring part: http://tatsaway.blogspot.com/2007/09/wrapping-plastic-ring-with-double.html