Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well during all those snowfalls,,,, as most of you know I have been doing knitting, tatting and crocheting. Here is a little of what I got some recent photos of that I have done.

This Blue Heron I made special for a friend as a 'Get Healed quick" gift along with these two tribbles. All in her fav colors. She LOVES blue herons, so when I first found this pattern free, I couldn't resist making it for her. The 'water' line I couldn't quite get to turn out right. But as long as the heron did, that is what counts! (A tribble is the small round scrubbie thing)
This "skate" is our Jan Knit-A-Long for a group I joined for making these dishcloths. I used a smaller yarn for it. Most use a 4 ply worsted cotton yarn. I happen to have some 3 ply sportweight and thought I would give it a try. I really like the way it turned out.
This one is another, using the the same 'single rose' I did awhile back in pink. Only this one was done again in the 3 ply in a pale yellow, though it didn't turn out in the photo. My light wasn't quite right.
For my Dec KAL,,, the pattern was a snowman several people had problems with the pattern. After ripping it out and starting over several times (I think close to about 8 times) I decided to use the graph that was with the pattern (at the end of the Knit along that is). Took some doing, but I figured it out.

This dishcloth below is the mid-Dec KAL. I didn't do it, it was using techniques I haven't done, besides I was too busy with other projects that were needing done. This one was done by my neighbor who is teaching me and joined too. I had gave her this yarn, since she didn't have any cotton yarn. I was surprised when she gave me the end product. Isn't it GORGEOUS??? Yep this one is definitely 'too pretty' to use as a dishcloth. I will use this one as a doily.
Sorry I didn't get any of my dishcloths/washcloths blocked before taking the pics. Hope you enjoyed looking at them anyway.

Happy Knitting And Blessings!!!!

Tomorrow I'll post some tatting!!!

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