Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog Update

Hello fellow friends and bloggers,

I have decided since this blog was originally suppose to be more for my tatting and well fiber arts,,, to create a new for my teddies and other 'dolls n toys' I may possibly be making in the coming future.

You can find my teddie bear posts now at RoseBudBears. I hope you will pop in occasionally over there. :)

I have sure appreciated all my follower and commentors. Along with just ppl popping in. Don't worry, I still plan on posting more here too! :)

Thank you all again for your inspirations, encouragements and most of all friendships!

Blessings to all!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter's Coat!

This is looking out my front door about 7:30 am today :(

We have even more of this stuff coming. At least a little is melting,,,but if it freezes
like they are predicting,,,things are going to get really interesting.

Where is Spring!!! He he he!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chocolate Box Contest-OH NO! I have been invaded! LOL!!!

WoW what a fun week! I decided sort of last minute and talk about sliding into home base, to join the contest  Isdihara at Ambitatterous is having.  She is going to be giving away a wonderful prize! Personally I don't think I stand a chance as there are some really BEAUTIFUL entries. All the same,,,it was a blast joining in on the fun. As you can see my little buddy just had to get in on the fun. Barely kept him out of the chocolates! I think though if you look close enough you might find a little 'evidence' left behind :)
Sooo after thinking a bit on what sort of theme I could come up with,,,all I could think of was how 'chocolate' should be in EVERY tatter's first aid kit (unless you are allergic to it of course, then something else). Soo here is what I came up with!
I used a regular chocolate box, (only one I had in the house ha ha ha) and covered with wrapping paper. Then went to work tatting away. :) I used chocolate colored DMC crochet thread and wanted a 'chocolate' theme of course. Those letters weren't the easiest shaping. I found I have REALLY gotten rusty in my tatting.
The little bears you can find the pattern here by our wonderful creator Heather at Heather Designs  The lettering I used Josephine stitches (hope I have that right) LOL!
Then the amazing part is just before I found out about this fun contest,,,I came across a crochet pattern for making these yummy looking chocolates.!You can find the pattern here!  I of course had to put them in their own 'paper cups' Using a 'basket' pattern I found in Rebecca Jones'  Complete Book of Tatting,,, I created these little lacy paper cups. 
Then the icing I also tatted using the Josephine stitches.
Well I better get this posted or I will miss the deadline, if I haven't already.  Thank you Isa for such a fun contest! 

Y'all have a Happy Holiday Season, and Stay Warm, if you happen to live in these cold climates!

UPDATE: OH NO!!!!! LOOK AT MY BOX!!!!! It has been INVADED!!!!!!!!!
I woke this morning to find NOT ONE but TWO critters in the First Aid Box!!! LOL! Looks like one is pretty happy with what she found too! Of course they went and scared Barnie the Bear plumb away!!! No wonder he was hiding in the corner of my desk shaking! All is well though, once I convinced him they were only after the chocolates and not him. Poor guy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday Surprise

Look what I got in the mail!!! Just in time for my birthday too!
Boy what a surprise :) And a beautiful postcard too!

This is what I got from my beautiful friend Valerie Ho!

This adorable keychain teddy is just the cutest!!!
She is so perfect in her elegant crocheted dress :)

And would you just look at this BEAUTIFUL tatting
shuttle! With my favorite deco too! Roses!!! You can bet
sure didn't take me long to fill it up. For what I am going to make,,,
that you'll have to wait to see he he he!

THANK YOU so much Valerie!!!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tatted Doily Updates and Fuzzy Critters!!!

Here are a couple of up dates on my tatted doilies. Both have new rounds added to each of them. The first being the size 30 thread, and the second being the size 10 thread. They are still growing, slowly but steadily!

Then here is a size comparison pic of the two. The red one has another round added to it as you can see. I have been little under the weather lately, so the next round for the blue one hasn't been caught up yet.

Then as I went to take a little stroll around the yard to see what was growing in the jungle of grass, flowers and weeds from all the rain we have been getting, Imagine my surprise to find these little crochet bears playing hide and seek!!! First I found them in the strawberry patch. But alas, no strawberries for them! Or me either :(
Then I found them hiding in grass, I know they were just waiting patiently for me to come along so they trip our little dog LOL!

Both of these cuties now have a new home. Both of the grand daughters just fell in love with them, picking out which they liked best (no fights either!!!) And they wasted no time gathering them up to take them to their home either :)

Blessings to all, please take care and stay healthy!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And more tatting along with a little crochet

Here is the beginning of the next round. Adding some maroon color to it. This is round 4. What do you think?
Here is some really adorable panda coasters I made for the grand daughters. The youngest has seen them already, but the oldest hasn't yet. And I am happy to report the youngest was just full of OOOOOOOOOOOOs. And Hugs! :)
You can find the pattern Here

Monday, April 12, 2010

Adorable Bear giveaway!

Howdy folks!

You should go and check out this adorable bear giveaway! Besides taking time to enjoy all of her other furry babies! Just tooooo cute!!!!
You can click here on DesertMountainBear to get there or the icon on the right side!

Please do check her site out!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doily Progress

Well her is round 2 on the ecru size 10 one completed.
I think this doily is going to be a blast and looks sooo pretty.
I can't wait to get it finished.

Well like I said in the previous post,,,,I like this pattern so well I am doing it in two different sizes. Here is a sampling of the second one I am working on. As you can tell I have this one a little farther along. Will keep ya updated of enough are interested in watching these doilies grow as I tat them.

Blessings All!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

WoW another post already LOL!!!

Here are a couple of my latest projects I am working on. I think it was Bev or Val that found this blog with this most gorgeous doily!!!! So I just had to start it. Here is up to round 2 so far.

This is my next project. I am trying some crocheted pineapple earrings. I'm not 'real' good at crocheting with tiny thread. So this could take a bit of practice. I tried first in size 10 Peach colored thread. Then moved to a smaller hook and some of my new lizbeth thread in the size 40. Almost makes crocheting with the size 10 feel like rope lol!

Anyway just a teaser of some of the newest stuff I am working. LOL yep more WIPs for sure!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Newest Tattings N Threads

Here is some of my newest threads again THANK YOU to Valerie Ho!!! She has been helping with some personal issues, and I just can't THANK her ENOUGH along with Beverly Elrod!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH Ladies for your support each and everynight!!!

My new threads are Lizbeth from HandyHands :) Thank you again Valerie! I can now add to my previous collection from Valerie. The newest colors are 'Red Burst', 'Natural', 'Mocha Brown dk', 'Countryside', and 'Mountain Breeze' Can't wait to start using these! All in size 40. I am finding I really LOVE this size thread!
I was doing a little cleaning and came across this basket I thought would make a great 'thread' basket. Just PERFECT for my newest threads. What do you think? All ready for doing a 'little' tatting? LOL!!! I know I'm sure ready to go again!!! I have really been finding I have missed not tatting. Can't believe I took such a long break!!!! Shame on me!!!!!!!!!

Beverly and I were doing a little web browsing one night when she came across this site with some pretty neat patterns. LOL! Well in my endeavors of trying out tatted necklaces,,, I fell in love with 'simple' motif! YEA RIGHT!!! "Simple!" Did I say SIMPLE! LOL!!! Well it is IF you just follow more with the picture than with the instructions. Of course you need some of the instructions as well. But all in all,,,here is completed. I still like how it turned out.
Oh guess I should get ya all the link before I forget :) The site she found was The thread I used here is DMC Cebelia in the lavendar size 10, I just had laying close by when I found the pattern and of course happen to have a shuttle handy! I mean what tatter wouldn't have a shuttle handy??? heehehehe

Here is my first attempt at tatting a necklace AND without really having a pattern to follow. I'm not sure I am too please with how the 'leaves' lay, but my friend who I made the necklace for (her daughter actually) loved it. So I guess that is what counts. The teardrop shape ivory is actually a prehistoric critter tusk. It is mastodon. The tatted rose of course is one of my favs, by Jeanne Lugert, her 3-d Rose Earrings. Here I used a black size 10 crochet thread, probably coats n clarks or something like that. And then in one of my tatting thread exchanges,,, (Please forgive me I can't find my notes or remember who) gave me some beautiful gold metallic thread, I separated and used in the rose and then the chain. (I think it could have been Karey Solomon, but not positive, if I am wrong,,,I apologize, otherwise,,,I still THANK YOU whoever it was that sent it to me).

Here is my second attempt at making a necklace. This one is for the daughter of the one getting the above necklace. Here I used the same size 10 black crochet thread, adding in some red and blue beads while tatting in Victorian sets. And then the heart motif is a beautiful pattern called 'SweetHeart' by Birgit Phelps I used Size 30 DMC Cebelia threads in royal blue and darker red.

This last necklace I just finish today. Again just simple Victorian Sets done in the same black as the other 2 necklaces,,,only switching back and forth with the size 10 black and a size 10 red crochet thread. Then I added a glass teardrop bead. This is for the brother to the little girl getting the heart necklace. I do hope they all like them. :)

Well, I think that is all for now. Hope you all are still awake LOL! Enjoy the eyecandy!

Blessings to all!

OH yea,,,before I forget,,,TattingChic is having a blogoversary and giveaway,,,be sure and go by and check it out!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Tatting :)

Well Here I am again with some more samples having fun playing with my threads! The first picture is a well I'll let you guess,,,See how many can guess before it is completed. :) I have the answer posted on the net somewhere, most of you will know where to find me. :)

These two are the same pattern designed by Linda S. Davies. Sorry I didn't get either blocked yet. The top one in the ring is Lizbeth HDT size 40 thread in 'Western Sunset' and the bottom one is again Lizbeth HDT in size 40 using "Purple Splendor"

Sorry this is going to be soooo short, Been a long few days. But wanted to get these up as I have been trying for about a week now. Hope you all enjoy the 'eye candy'

Blessings, Connie

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to Tatting :-]

Ok,,,sorry I didn't get anything new posted like I had planned. I do apologize :(

But I am here,,I guess better late than never right! Hehehe

Ok on to the tatting!

First of all,,,there are a couple of wonderful tatter and friends who has been REALLY encouraging me to get back into not only my fiberarts again,,,but into TATTING!!!! Thank you OHHHH SO MUCH my dear friends Valerie Ho and Beverly Elrod!!!!

Then Valerie and I started talking before Christmas about doing an exchange and since she knows I don't celebrate the holidays,,we decided to do a private exchange. I'm still working on mine :(

As part of the exchange from Valerie,,,she sent me this BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS order of HDT Lizbeth thread from Handy Hands! This is size 40 thread and what didn't get added in the pic was also a size 16 steel crochet hook for BEADS!!!!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Valerie, (I know I can't say it enough LOL!) :-]

Sooo of course my first project had to be ROSES!!!!

The roses pattern is created by Jeanne Lugert 3-D earrings n pendant
The Leaf pattern is a pattern created by Linda Davies, with a little alternation on the 'stem' end.

Next I had some metal ring bracelets I had bought last year at the local (suppose to be) dollar store (they weren't no dollar believe me lol). Sooooo

When I seen this pattern in my 'Easy Tatting' Book by Rozella Linden,,,,who could resist :] I did the blue/purple/red ornamental snowflake first (goofing and getting 7 pts in instead of 6 the pattern called for) , then I thought oh how pretty the fall colors would be in the gold ring. Sooo here are the results.

Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did tatting and sharing!

Brothers and Sisters :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Fellow Bloggers

Well I am just about to get my knitting caught up. I am looking forward to finishing current projects (well the requested ones anyway), so I can start TATTING AGAIN!!!
Oh btw,,,wait until you see what I got for my birthday in Nov!!! Talk about a HUGE surprise!!! Check this out!!!

My first ever HDT!!! This WONDERFUL SURPRISE birt
hday gift is
from Valerie Ho!!! Sent via Marilee Rockley!!! THANK YOU Valerie!!! I really LOVE these colors and just can't wait to start using them. Next question is WHAT do I tat with these gorgeous colors!!!! Ahhh decisions, decisions, decisions! Heehee!!!

Other news,,,,it has been COLD here. Last night temps dropped
to 7 degree F! I am sooo looking for Springs. Here are a couple photos I took recently!
This is early in the morning when the sun is just peaking over the mtns from the east, and the temps was only 9 F

This is a on New Year's Day,,,it was dumping snow like crazy for about 10 minutes,,,then went back to rain/snow for the next 3 days. Now it is colder,,,and everything is frozen solid! Currently temp is 10F and dropping! Brrrrrr!!!

Well I'll follow up with a new post with some of the knitting and crochet I have been doing lately.

See ya!!!