Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking for some Help please -CROCHET

I'm sendng out a plea to my fellow bloggers and friends who can crochet.
I've been searching out some new patterns for 'simple' projects I can make to help with our income, no matter how little it helps. I seem to find there are a LOT of BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE Japanese/Asian/oriental patterns out there, almost more than there are 'English'. I LOVE using charts, and for the most part, I can follow charts pretty good. BUT,,,,I am finding a LOT in foreign languages, I just for the life of me can NOT figure out.

Can ANYONE help me please. Here is a sample of one, I just don't understand at all.

Thanks, I sure hope some one can help me :)


louine said...

I've seen lots of crochet patterns but this is a first.....I wish I did understand to help you out....
BTW, is your avatar (picture of rose pin) an original pattern with you....if so so you sell it.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Hi Louine,
Thank you for coming by and leaving me a wonderful comment. I like you have see a lot of crochet patterns, but not this before. I sort of think I MIGHT have an idea,,,but will have to try and see.

On my avatar,,, no that isn't my pattern. I sure wish it was,,, and I just LOVE the pattern. The pattern belongs to Jeanne Lugert. Here is the link to her rose pattern

The leaf pattern behind the rose, I modified a leaf pattern by Linda S. Davies, which you can find here: I basically, when coming to the 'stem' end of the leave, just repeated other end with the clover.

I tried to visit your blog,,,but couldn't access it. So you I hope you find this message.

Thanks again, Connie

Mary said...
Here are explanations with pictures.
I hope to help you.

Teresa Carns said...

I use online "translators" .. you copy the katakana or chinese/japanese words from the sentence and post and it will give it to you in english....

good luck, if you need help, find me

Teresa Carns said...

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Beverly said...

Did you ever get an explanation of the chart? I'm about to head out to meeting, but will keep it up (as a reminder to look at it) and see if I can do anything with it when I get back. If nothing else, hopefully I'll be able to give you something that will work and lay as it should. What is this the basis for? Bootie sole? Base of amagrumi animal?

Beverly said...

Sorry, I just couldn't get the picture clear enough to give it a try. When I tried to enlarge it, it just got blurry. Really had hoped I could help you get it figured out.