Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tatting again! YaY!!!!!!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers :)

I'm back into tatting again after taking a bit of a break.(Too long of a break at that!)
I've started working on bookmarks. They can be so quick and make such nice gifts or sale items (that is with permission from designers :) of course).

Here is what I have been working on. The first two are Gina Butler's "Basic Ring-Chain Cross Bookmark" which pattern can be found here:  I used Lizbeth Size 40 thread. The first one is done up in colorway "Countryside" and the second one is done up in colorway "Purple Splendor". I just LOVE using these threads!!!

This third bookmark is found here on Jane's blog. This was sooo much fun making. I could sure tell it had been while since I had any real tatting. I had to re-do this EASY book about 3 times :( I kept messing up, dumb mistakes grrrrrr. I also used Lizbeth size 40 on this one, the colorway is "Falling Leaves" I actually made it before I did the two above Cross bookmarks. 

Again as always,,,Thank you for your wonderful comments and input. Always look forward to hearing from readers, Don't be shy :)

Blessings and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's great to see tatted pieces from you again! I love the colors you chose for each of these beautiful bookmarks.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Thank you Diane! It feels good to get back to tatting again. I really enjoyed doing these.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from Very Snowy Michigan. Your tatting is truly lovely and I really like the variegated threads you used. Hugs Judy

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Thank you very much Judy! I hear you all over east are getting hit pretty hard this year. Keep warm, safe and dry.

I do LOVE these lizbeth threads for sure. I'm hoping to be able to squeeze out a little to order me a new color or two. :)

Hugs, Connie

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Connie
Greetings from Australia! I came here via OWOH event and to say a big thank you for commenting on my blog and following. Your work is beautiful - your tatting is fab.
Wishing you lots of success with your blog too - it has a warm and friendly feel!

Kathy said...

Wow this are so gorgeous...not only the needle work but the colors too!!!!!

Beth Norman said...

Hello from Sunflowers and Dragonflies. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your name is entered into my blog candy contest.