Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have taken a break for just a bit from tatting. LOL actually as I was unpacking some boxes of books and organizing them,,, I found the boxes that had the craft books, so of course I had to cruise them. Upon doing so, I found some real treasures. I found some really crochet patterns AND tatting!!!! Well I swore I would NEVER again crochet doilies (actually never did, just did a small round tablecloth). Well since I am now HOOKED on tatting,,,these dainty works of art are just soo pretty (maybe it is just something to do with age heh heh heh).
So next thing I know I am crocheting some doilies. So far I have completed 2 and in about an hour or so will have my third one finish. Along with a nice pretty blister on the side of my thumb.

I'll post the pics in the next day or so.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

25 Motif Challenge- Motif 4

Motif # 4

Here is my newest motif. I was not only trying out learning how to add beads to my tatting, but I was again trying a new brand of thread. Today's thread was sent to me by Patti D. from WA. It is Majestic size 80 (from Handy Hands). The beads used were some Czech seed beads I had from about 10 years ago when I made a lot of beaded earrings. This pattern I found on the web from a store Tatting & Design, pattern by Lyn Morton (Thank you Lyn as well as Patti).

Please all comments are welcome what you think as well as any suggestions and tips.
Hugs N Blessings, RRose Connie

Monday, August 20, 2007

25 Motif Challenge-Motifs 1,2 & 3

Motif #1

This is my very first motif I have ever done. I did it using DMC Cebelia size 30, color # 603 "pretty pink". I got this pattern from a Workbasket Dec-1989 issue.

Motif #2
This Clover Leaf Heart-ModernPriscilla 1917- motif is done using DMC Cebelia a red and light blue size 10. I got the pattern from Handy Hands JanDec 2007 catalog.

Motif #3

This motif is done from a thread exchange I recently participated in. This thread is King Tut quilting thread color # 916 'mummy's dearest' provided to me by Carolyn K. (Thank you Carolyn, LOVE IT!) The pattern is from Georgia Seitz Round Robin For Beginners (Thank you as well Georgia!)

Thank you for looking at my first beginnings.

Hello and Welcome

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Connie from North Idaho. I really love photography, camping, fishing, gardening, crafts and studying my Scriptures, especially out in nature. I just really mostly enjoy all of Heavenly Father's creations all around us.

I am starting this blog mostly for my crafting. I just recently started learning how to tat. LOL I have an aunt that tried to teach me about 23 years ago. So now I jokingly tell people it only took me 23 years to learn how. I sure wish I had tried a little harder back then. Hopefully you will get to see me grow in my experience and I will probably also try to add in more of what I do, if this works out. This is also my first attempt at creating a blog, so please bear with me.

Please feel free to leave me comments and tips, and PLEASE no foul or nasty words. If you don't like anything you see, just leave it be. Constructive criticism is welcome, that is how we all learn, I for one am always trying to learn.

Hugs N Blessings, Connie