Monday, December 31, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Remember this 'work in progress' (Light pink on dk green background)? Well this piece I gave to the grand baby! LOL It fit here like a pretty little bracelet. I redid it from scratch, since I still had the same problem of it gathering too much in the center (previously I thought it was because I didn't get my threads ALL 1/4" spaced, but this time I measured each one as I did it, and still had the same problem. Sooo I just added more rings, ended up with 20 small rings and 20 large rings. The 'lt blue background' is the finished result. The pattern is from page 7 of "Tatting 60 Original Lace Treasures" by Christel Weidmann Design 2. I used Anchor Pearl Cotton Size 12 (I think that is how to read it), Color # 00048. Then I stiffened it with Hair Spray.

Motif # 17

Motif # 18

This is the second 'In progress' Before (dark green background) I finish it. Now I just need to see if I can find a metal ring for placing it into. Probably bracelet size will work.The thread is Superior Threads Perfect Quilter size 100. Not sure the color. I think it is #021. The pattern I am using "The Cherub Doily". Found here: Thought this wasn't where I got the pattern, it is the same doily. The one I used showed a pic of the doily in the middle of a metal ring like a sun catcher. If you can tell me if Ann Wilson is the original designer or who is, please do!! I really LOVE these colors!

All comments and critiquing is sure welcome! Thank you for your helping me learn more! Hugs, Blessings N Prayers!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I have been tagged...

I have been tagged by Moni.

Moni informed me about the rules you must abide by if you are tagged. Let’s see them:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. Moni
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 3 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Here are the most important facts about myself:

1. I like year round- Scriptures, and spending time with family, besides photography.
2. I like in the Spring, Summer and Fall - Fishing, Camping (especially Feast of Tabernacle) and prefer cooking on campfire to cooking in the house, Gardening, Riding bicycle. I like in the winter- Crafts, Computer time

3. I am happily married for coming up 26 years (Feb) to the same wonderful guy, been blessed with 3 handsome sons and 1 beautiful daughter. Along with 3 wonderful daughter-in-laws and a beautiful grand daughter.

4. I've never seen the ocean, or the eastern half of the United States.

5. I love to mix flavors in cakes, milk shakes, etc.
6. I'm more afraid of spiders than I am of snakes. Snakes don't really bother me at all. Ticks are actually my worse fear, next to the dark LOL.

7. I would rather listen to music than watch TV, but do love old westerns and classics as long as they aren't scary or gory shows.

Yea I know, pretty boring eh LOL!

Now to find 3 who haven't been tagged!

So I want to tag:(sorry if you have been tagged before)

Mrs John



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

I decided to take a couple days off from the computer. On Christmas day (though we don't celebrate it) I spent the day watching movies with hubby (old westerns) and tatting.

I really love this pattern by Bob The Bike! I hope he approves! I may do up another in another color. I made this one in Rubi varigated green. I can't tell you much else about the thread, as I don't understand the language on it. The thread was a WONDERFUL surprise from BJ in New Mexico!

While I have thread left over on my shuttle, I decided to try something using bugle beads. So I made this dove earring by JoAnn Stearns. I just need to make the mate now. I wasn't sure I would be able to work it with all of those beads on. Little tricky but I succeeded. Not sure how well I like the result though.

Thanks for looking and stopping by. All comments and critiquing is welcome!

Friday, December 21, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Man I HATE re-doing messages! I had a whole message typed and photos included, hit the publish, and it came up with nothing. So here I go again.

Here is my latest tattings along with some I have done, just didn't post for various reasons.

This Light pink is done using an Anchor pearl cotton size 12 (I think). I got it in the Ruth Perry Sale. The pattern is from 'Tatting- 60 original Lace Treasures by Christel Weidmann' a book also from Ruth's Sale. At first I didn't think I was going to want to finish this. But I like the delicate lacey look to it. This is actually design #1, originally planned for design #2, but I think I will redo design #2 so that it lays flatter. I started out not making my 1/4 inch spaces even until too late. Sign I need more practice for sure. So since I have enough of the thread, I'm going to do just that.

This one is another work in progress. I LOVE this thread. It is a quilting thread I got from a good box from BJ in New Mexico. The thread is Superior Threads Perfect Quilter size 100. Not sure the color. I think it is #021. The pattern I am using (Have one more round to go) is "The Cherub Doily". I can't remember just where on the net I got the pattern. As soon as I find out, I'll edit it in here. This of course isn't going to be a doily size as this is only about 2 inches across. I really LOVE these colors though!!!!

The top one in blue n white is where I was emptying the last in a shuttle. The green is a Majestic thread Size 80 from Patti D in Spokane WA. The pattern is one of Wally's Tat-along Projects. This is one, I haven't decided what else to with it, that is why I hadn't posted sooner,,,so I guess it could be considered a work in progress as well. The tails are still on these, I just cloned them out. Nothing is blocked yet.

Again the top one is finishing what was on a shuttle. The multi-color is also finishing what was in a shuttle. It is a King Tut thread from the thread exchange. I was trying to do a little something for my mom, but ran out. Don't know what I will do with these yet.

This is my Motif # 13 This is a play around using a tab off a potatoe sack, like used on bread only longer. This is a 'Dove' pattern by JoAnn Stearns. I really like this little dove. I think I will use her idea and make some earrings using this pattern. I'll probably add beads to the ones I make for earrings. LOL I sure thought this 25 Motif Challenge would go faster! But then again when distracted with other projects and an adorable little grand baby. Things do slow down a bit.

This is Motif #14. I used J.P. Coats Best 6 cord Big Ball in an off-white color of some sort. Size 20. I added seed beads I got from Ruth's sale. The design is again from Wally's Tat-along project.

Well there ya have it,,, my projects in progress and finished projects. I didn't as much done I wanted to while I was on my 4-day trip to the ski resort in Canada as I ended up with some bug I guess. Just didn't feel well. I didn't even get any photos from the trip. It was a really nice place. Seen tons of elk (some really Majestic bulls) and lots of cows. Some places on the way (after dark) we had to go slow as they were bedding down on the highway. We also seen a HUGE lynx too! Really awesome!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

IT'S SNOWING!!! REAL Snowflakes this time!

Well here they are, I told you I would post some photos of the snow we got today. The weather said we were to get about a foot of snow in the valleys, and up to 2 foot in the mountains,,,well I hate to think what the mountains REALLY got! We are only about about 1000 foot above the valley and we got about 2 foot of snow, before it turned off this evening about dark and started raining. Thank goodness our daughter got up on the roof and shovelled the snow off when she got home from work.

The snow on the bird feeder is all NEW snow just today! The snow on the bird bath, about 4 inches of it was from a few days ago. Both of the photos are from of our backyard. Threw these trees it looks out over the river valley floor.

Here hubby is showing how much snow we got just since he cleaned off the jeep earlier this morning. The Jeep was completely cleaned off except the very top hump on top of the jeep.

These two photos are looking out the front of our house. This bird feeder is what I see from my desk. You can't really tell it, but the highway is there just in front of that cliff in the background!

Here is one of the poor birdhouses, all of this is new snow too. As I am typing this though, there probably isn't any snow left on any of these, as the wind has really come up, besides all the rain.

You can see a few more pics here in my Snow album ! Enjoy and please feel free to leave me comments! I really do enjoy reading them, even if I don't always get replies written.

Keep safe and warm if you are in the path of this snow/rain!!!

Blessings to all!!!

Venting time!!!!

UGH, I was just up until wee hours of the morning uploading some photos onto another site similiar to Multiply where some family members are. Only to wake up this morning to find that the site removed EVERY photo including the photo I put in for my profile, deeming them all as 'inappropiate'!!!! I sure don't understand where they get photos of tatting, crocheting and sewing would be inappropiate. I put in the description where I got each pattern, the kind of thread I used, AND my images all have my own copyright on them. I read in thier policy, no copyrighted images unless they are your own. Well duh,,,,you would think when they see '©RainbowRose Photography' in albums by 'Rainbow Rose Connie' that would say SOMETHING!!! All the images are the same exact images I have posted here on this blog. They even removed my face photo!

I am seriously thinking of leaving, that is just too crazy. They have where photos of a single person, child by itself, 'YOU as a child, or an animal by itself, can not be shared! I don't agree with porn or anything wierd like that, but this is going a bit tooooo far!!!!

Ok I'll step down now. I did email so waiting for reply. Sorry about this, I had to vent.

We now have another foot of snow and it is still coming down. Suppose to keep on until snowing like this until Monday late Monday afternoon. I will try and get some photos in a bit and post.

UPDATE: Well I got a reply back, they apologized and want me to re-submit my photos again and they will post IF they are approved. Just not sure I feel like going through that 3 hours of work again, with uploading and then posting in the descriptions for each again. Especially since they may not be approved again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Both this doily and motif are from Wally Sosa's Tat-along Projects 2002!

The doily I used Clarks O.N.T 6-chord Size 30 in a varigated blue.
My blocking didn't turn out so well. LOL At least this one laid somewhat flat though a little wavy. My first doily (still in the unfinished box) is probably going to be a basket of some sort with the way it cupped (haven't scanned it yet!

Here is the link where to find:

This motif is my second attempt at using beads! My blocking didn't turn to well either! My daughter still really likes it!

The thread used on this is a natural (I think no color number or color was listed) J.P. Coats Size 20 Best Six Chord Big Ball. The beads are black seed beads I got from Ruth Perry's Online Garage Sale. I don't know what size, I am guessing they are 11/0.

Well today I woke to a SURPRISE!!!! We had about a foot of snow through the night! It warmed up enough during the first part of the day that it melted down to about 6 inches. As I am typing this, I am seeing out my window a GORGEOUS full moon peeking out through some clouds. Gonna be a pretyt COLD night tonight!!!

More Snowflakes!!!

Made up a few more snowflakes! Think after these I may take a break, though I have to do up an order first. These I tried stiffening them with hair spray. Doesn't work too bad actually. Could be just a touch stiffer, but otherwise sure not as messy as the glue/water combo.

Hope you enjoy!

These are actually silver with silver metallic thread! It is hard to get the metallic thread to show up, with the scanner.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Special prayer request!!!

I have some dear friends who have asked for prayer,,,so I am posting a copy of the request,,,,please all prayers warriors pray for this situation!

Shalom dear friends and prayer partners,

We really covet your prayers for a need that is hitting our family. At 9 am central time and 10 am eastern time our daughter Dana and our granddaughter will be going to court to have her ex-husband's rights revoke to visit her's/his daughter because of the fact that he has fallen far from grace. He is an alcoholic/drug addict and has done things with our granddaughter that is not fitting. There will also be coming up another court case against him which, if convicted, will get him jail time. We ask that you pray for Dana and our granddaughter for the strenght to go through this trial and that ALL the truth will be revealed...NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. And that the lies that he and his mother will swear to in court will stick in their mouths. We also ask that you pray that this will in NO WAY scare our granddaughter. And last but certainly not least, we ask that you pray for her so-called father(Jeff). NO ONE is beyond help when they are placed before the throne of Grace. Please stand in the gap for Jeff that Father will open his eyes to how deep he has dug the hole that he is in. Thank you

In His Service,
Frank & Carol

We want to thank each one of you for your prayers and support for Dana and her daughter. Please continue to pray, as Jeff's lawyer found a loop hole that said the case had to take place in Tennessee, and not in Arkansas. So this means it will still continue. Please pray that this will soon be over. Thank you so much. Frank and Carol

Thank you too from the bottom of my heart! Hugs N Blessings in Yahshua's Precious Name!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How about Snowflakes!!!!

Well, I have been busy crocheting up some snowflakes for friend's business. I got about 36 done. Now I just need to make some more black ones and some silver ones. I thought I would share with some of the snowflakes I have done. The two slightly different designs with the picot are all done from a pattern I got off the web where I re-designed the pattern so that it has a large opening in the center. The snowflakes with only picots around the outside is called "Regal Snowflake" design by Julie A. Bolduc and the snowflakes with the picot petals on through the flake, the original design is "Snowflake 2". I'm not sure who the original designer is as there is no name on the site where I got the pattern. Then like I stated, I re-designed it giving it a center hole for attaching little danglies in. I do hope you enjoy looking. Some of these are actually made with threads that have a metallic thread running through them, though it doesn't show up too well in some of the photos.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!!!


1. Each person of this game starts with honestly answering these questions.

2. People who get tagged need to copy and paste a blog of their own providing their answers.

3. Then you choose your friends to be tagged.

4. Don't forget to leave a comment: TAG YOU'RE IT!

1. WHERE WERE YOU AN HOUR AGO?......I was in bed sleeping.

2. WHO WILL BE YOUR NEXT KISS?..... Either my grandbaby or hubby

3. IS THERE ANYTHING PINK WITHIN 10 FEET OF YOU?..... So of the Grand baby's toys



6. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WENT OUT OF TOWN?...Last Wednesday with hubby, to Spokane, Washington USA



9. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW?.....Red T-shirt and Pants

10. HAVE YOU BEEN IN A CAR WASH?.....Not in a few years

11. LAST FOOD YOU ATE?.... Banana with Grand baby

12. WHERE WERE YOU LAST SATURDAY NIGHT?....Camping with a girlfriend

13. HAVE YOU BOUGHT ANY CLOTHING ITEMS IN THE LAST WEEK?....Yep, 2 pairs of pants and an outfit for grand baby.

14. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU RAN?.....Probably last summer, if you could call it running LOL!

15. WHAT WAS THE LAST SPORTING EVENT YOU WATCHED?... Professional Bull riding on TV along with Fishing for paddlefish


17. YOUR DREAM VACATION?......Just traveling the USA with hubby, or maybe Ireland and Scottland.

18. LAST 3 PEOPLE'S HOUSES YOU WERE IN?.....My neighbor's, my son's friend's, mine.

19. HOW OLD ARE YOUR PARENTS?......My mom turns 64 in Dec.;dad turned 68 last June.

20. DO YOU MISS ANYONE?...... Yes! My kids who live out of state and my family in Colorado and Kansas.

21. LAST PLAY YOU SAW?..... Can't remember. LOL.

22. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR TODAY?....To finish a crochet snowflake I am trying, playing with grand baby, then taking her home, and maybe a little tatting, besides downloading some more music and more crocheting.

23. EVER GO TO CAMP?....When I was almost 17, a church camp, Loved it! But I also go 'camping' every chance I get too, (usually at least 2 or more times a summer)

24. WERE YOU EVER AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT?....Yea a few times in High School. Did go to college.

25. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE?.... YHWH is going to continue to bless me and the world, and His son Yahshua is coming soon!!


27. WHERE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND LOCATED?.....In Heaven (YHWH), Hubby is home with me, my other friends are all home.

28. DO YOU HAVE A TAN?.....A little bit of one.

29. HOW OLD DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS?....I was 19 when my first was born. I would love to have more, but just don't have the equipment anymore. LOL hubby thinks we are too old anyway.

30. DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING?.....Mostly craft stuff, but a lot of other things too.

31. LAST TIME YOU WERE STOPPED OR PULLED OVER BY A COP?....About 2005, missed a blinking 4 way stop like about 3 in the morning, pulling into a gas station.

33. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR DRINKS?......Depends on what I am drinking. I don't like sweetened tea (ice tea), sometimes like honey in my hot tea though. Usually without sweetener though.

34. DO YOU LIKE HOT SAUCE?....Yep, sure do!

35. LAST TIME YOU TOOK A SHOWER?.....A bit ago

36. WHO DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON?...... Hubby and Heavenly Father

37. WHAT IS YOUR MOOD TODAY?..... A little tired, but pretty happy.



Now it's your turn. I tag you because you read this post! (I like the idea the person who tagged me had!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here is the doily I have been talking about I finally finished. Didn't really take that long to do. I made it with DMC 100% cotton size 10 thread. Color #5745 Banana Yellow. It is approximately 22 inches in diameter. The pattern is "Venus In View" by Glendola Hodges published in the Magic Crochet Feb. 1992 #76 magazine issue pages 42-43.

I really like how this one turned out.

BTW any and all comments are more than WELCOME on my work, as it helps me to learn and grow!

Thanks for looking!!!

Babies Here N Coming!!!!

As I was saying in before posts, I have some baby blankets I made and a crocheted one I got finished. Here are the 3 blankets I made, all are polar fleece (nice and soft):

This first one was given to a family that Hubby works with. They had a beautiful baby girl. Talk about a head FULL of dark hair!!!!

This one was given to a friend of our daughter's. Her beautiful baby was a boy and a miracle baby. She had had several mis-carriages previously. So this little guy is definitely a special one.

This one was made specially for our neighbor who had a beautiful baby girl! She not only has a BEAUTIFUL head of hair, it is really long (I have never seen a baby with hair so long before), it looked a touch frosted too, though it wasn't. She came in at 22 inches long, and if I remember right about 8 pounds.

This is my crocheted baby blanket (afghan). It is for a friend of the our two youngest kids. Can't tell you yet what their baby is like other than we know it is a girl. She is due in Nov, I think about the second week or so.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not much today

Wow, most the afternoon is gone. I didn't get any crafting done today. I went out to plant a rose bush and next thing I know, I have planted daylilies, ornamental grass, cranesbill geranium, 3 different shade loving plants, a vinca vine, couple of other flowering plants, did some mowing, pick a couple of potatoes, peppers, carrots, peas and beets. Besides hauling water to the dogs. I think it is time for a break. LOL!

Hopefully later I'll get a pic taken of my doily I finished crocheting last week, and get the pics posted of it and the baby blankets I made.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Well I am finally getting back. Been pretty sick for a couple of days with the flu. Still trying to recover from it. At least things have slowed down enough I have been able to get scanned the latest motifs I have done. All are tatted except for one is crocheted as I have a friend who is talking about hiring me to do some projects for her. More later if she does.

Here is a re-make of Heart Snowflake By Jon of Jon's Thread Escapades
Using DMC Cebelia Size 10 in a pale yellow (color #745)
I think I am getting better at my throw-off rings/clovers!!!

Motif #08

This is using a pattern by Mary Donohue aka Icela.
I used a sportweight yarn, I thought was some alpaca, but later found out it wasn't. Also when I starched it, I pulled it into points instead of leaving rounded like the pattern. But again I was also practicing not reversing my work. I was surprised at how easy the yarn did work up. I figured I would have alot of problems with it.
OH BTW this is her Square Motif/Coaster pattern

Motif #09

This motif here I used Wally Sosa's Base motif #2 Just using some
Knit-cro-sheen metallic as an experiment using thread with metallic mix with it.
The small blossom is just trying to use up what was left on shuttle. Not real sure
I like using metallic thread. Will definitely need more practice!!!

Motif #10

This is a "Butterfly Snowflake" by Samatha Melnychuk.
I can't say if I liked doing this pattern or not. LOL. Actually it was pretty easy, next time I would definitely want to use a picot gauge for the antennae. Then tying little knots in the ends,,,,,,,THAT was a CHALLENGE. LOL I used two pair of pointed tweezers to do it.
I used Clarks O.N.T 6-chord Size 30 in a varigated blue.

This one is crochet. I'm not sure of the thread, other than it is probably a knit-cro-sheen in an off-white/cream color. The name of the pattern is 'Regal Snowflake' design by Julie A Bolduc. I got it from the internet as I of course do with most all of my patterns.

About Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacle), it was a BLAST even though the last half of it was mostly rainy and chilly. My second day there I also caught a cold, which thanks to some of the people there who had some essential oils, it helped me get over it really quick. I met a lot of new people who live in my area or at least the surrounding area. We are talking of possibly getting together for a small campout for Passover too, at least a gathering. Made some great friends. Was also very educational. I can't say there hasn't been a Sukkot yet in which Abba Father hasn't taught or helped me something I have been struggling with or needed to learn.

Anyway,,,, hope all are doing well. Thank you for stopping by my blog (s) and looking. I also look forward to reading each and every comment you leave.

Monday, September 24, 2007

25 Motif Challenge # 7

Here is my motif #7, made using Linda S. Davies' "Elegant Coaster" design. I used DMC Cebelia size 10 thread in color #745 Banana Yellow. I really like this color. I made 2 mistakes on this motif,,, can you find them? The first I didn't find until I was joining my last chain, the second, I found while blocking it. Yep you guessed it, I'll redo this one too! Just bugs me when I don't do things right.

I was going to do Jon's idea of her 'Hearts Snowflake' pattern using beads and this color, since I had plenty of thread left on the shuttle, but needless to say, no way was my seed beads going to fit over this thread.

Well I am getting fairly close to being packed (I think), still need to figure out a few more potluck meals. I am still in the 'family' mode from when the kids were home and having to plan lots of extra to feed them,,, sure is different just being me. I am the only one going (besides a furry companion, my son's dog I am spoiling, she started out mine LOL), hubby and daughter have to work, besides aren't really into the 'camping out' thing. I got my reservation made for my camping spot, and it is suppose to be pretty must next to one of the rivers (Twin Rivers Canyon Resort), where I can also fish. Looking forward to it!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

25 Motif Challenge- Motif 6

I just finished this 'Hearts Snowflake' by Jon Yusoff last night.
I don't think I quite did Jon' beautiful pattern justice. I also used some beautiful thread I received in the thread exchange, Omega 100% Cotton Size 50 Color # unknown (pink), I got from Sunela Thomas. THANK YOU both Jon and Sunela for the materials to work with.
I will probably at some point in the near future try this pattern again as well. I like the thread as well, but I definitely need a little more practice.
Thank you to the members of HBT (Here-Be-Tatters) I quit having near the problems with closing my rings when the thread twists on me. This is the one I was working on, when I let my temper get the best of me:( Won't be doing that again, I hope!!!
Anyway,,,,THANK YOU ALSO to ALL who leave me such wonderful comments. I do try to reply back and GREATLY APPRECIATE your comments. Please also feel free to leave me tips and suggestions as that is how I LOVE learning and growing. It doesn't hurt my feelings in anyway, it helps me learn and grow, BELIEVE ME when I say I APPRECIATE it!!!
Have a great day. Here it is raining today, pretty dreary.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yom Kippur

Shabbat Shalom all and Yom Kippur,

Well I was right, there was indeed a couple of earthquakes yesterday, in fact one of them wasn't even over on the west coast. It was right over at Spokane, Washington. The one I was feeling coming on at the time of my posting yesterday. Hubby did a search last night. He watches that and my moods. LOL he has gotten to where he gets on the computer now and then afterward, says, so at such and such time, you were having problems today huh? About 98% of the time he is right on the nose.

Well I started last night trying to decided just what tatting I wanted to take along with me to Sukkot. LOL I think I am going to end up with taking more projects than I can actually do, oh well, at least I won't run out. But then again, even if I do,,,, I'll be close enough to home (about 18 miles), to pick up more.

I was on a last round of another motif, when well, my temper kind of got the best of me, and when my shuttle and ball twisted together, I after a couple of minutes trying to untwist them, finally yanked on them, and yep, ya guessed it, thread broke, of course only leaving me about an inch to tie with (so I wouldn't have to re-do my clover). Thank goodness my temper SELDOM gets to me like that. In fact that is actually the first time with tatting. Usually I can just lay it down BEFORE I reach that point. Yesterday just wasn't good. I know, I know, that isn't any excuse.

Onward,,,, I forgot to tell ya,,, a couple weeks ago, while I was over in my studio looking for crochet thread (while I was doing doilies) I found a piece of tatting a really pretty edging. I don't know who did it, or really where I got it, but it was still pretty exciting. I also found a collar and beaded bag. I'll try to get those posted before I leave for Sukkot.

Well at least today is a much better day. Ya all have a truly BLESSED day!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Seems to be one of those days,,,,

I seem to be having one of those days,,,,
Actually it isn't that things are going all wrong,,,,just a feeling I guess. I am trying to figure out my camping list (don't even know for sure yet if I am going to be able to go (finances). For those who don't know what I am talking about, I celebrate the Feast Of Tabernacle (Sukkot). It doesn't help when for those unknown reasons I just feel antsy, (usually happens with earthquakes along the west coast).
Anyway on breaks I have a motif I am tatting while thinking about what I need to do with the other 3 I am working on.
Anyway, just needed to chat a bit I guess. LOL.

Hope ya are having a WONDERFUL N BLESSED DAY!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

25 Motif Challenge- Motif 5

Here is a Snowflake I just finished last night. Thank you to the group members of Here-Be-Tatters, explaining what I was doing wrong on throwing off rings from the chain. I was too far along to change, so I will definitely be practicing on my next one. I kind of actually like this pattern, so I may try it again only the 'correct' way this time.

Motif # 5

This pattern is from Teri Dusenbury-
Wheel Of Fortune Snowflake 1992.
(Thank you Teri for such a beautiful pattern!)
I used DMC Cebelia Pink and Ecru size 30.

This isn't the doily or motif I was trying to do for my mom, I still have to finish those. Mom's I can't do anymore with as I am out of that thread, but that is OK. I have also started the first 'basic' motif from Wally Sosa's Tat-Along project, I just need to figure out now what I am going to do for the next round (if I can LOL).

Well I also got two of my baby blankets finished yesterday. I haven't taken pics yet, but will post as soon as I get that done.

Been kind of rainy (sprinkles/light rain) yesterday and today. Pretty chilly too. One can sure tell Fall is in the air. On one hand I am for the first time in my life actually ready for winter, but then on the other hand, I'm not as we still have some stuff we have to get ready (firewood, garden, etc).

Ya all have a great day!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Doilies and Weekend

Well I FINALLY got photos of the doilies I made. Had a pretty busy and WONDERFUL weekend. Our grand daughter was here, we celebrated her FIRST birthday even though it really isn't until about the middle of this week. Our oldest son and his wife were here (Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan LOL). The house is really really quiet now that our oldest and his wife went back home to Washington and our grandbaby went back home to her mom and dad (locally).

Here are two of the doilies I gave to my daughter in law:
This is 'Water Lily' pattern by Claudette Squazzini.
Source: Magic Crochet Magazine Issue April 1992 Number 77
Thread is either a Knit-Cro-Sheen or Size 10 Bedspread Cotton.
Done in a White.
Size is approx. 18-19 inches diameter

This is the second one I gave her. (Purple is her fav color).
Name is "Two Of A Kind" pattern by Claudette Squazzini.
Source: Magic Crochet Magazine Issue April 1992 Number 77
Thread is either a Knit-Cro-Sheen or Size 10 Bedspread Cotton.
Done in a Varigated Purple.
Size approx: 15-16 inches diameter
Here are the other doilies I have finished.
"1952 Pineapple Frosting" by unknown
Source: Old Time Crochet summer 1989
Made with Knit-Cro-Sheen, Color- Natural.
Size is approx 16.5 inches diameter

"Fairest Of Them All" Pattern by Elisabeth Hiddleson
Source: Decorative Crochet July 1993 Number 34
size approx 21-22 inches diameter
Thread used is either Size 10 crochet or Knit-Cro-Sheen. Label was gone
Colors used: varigated yellow (center), orange (middle) & red (outside)

"Wagon Wheel Doily" Pattern by Becky Adams
Source: Workbasket April 1989
Again either size 10 or Knit-Cro-Sheen Thread in Silver with brown trim
Size is approx. 10 inches diameter

"umbrella Palm" pattern by Chantal Chevallier
Source: Magic Crochet Feb 1993 Number 82
Knit-Cro-Sheen thread used for the middle (natural color) Red is again either size 10 or Knit-Cro-Sheen.
Size is approx. 13 inches diameter
This is two different colors of:
"Deep South" pattern by Chantal Chevallier
Source: Magic Crochet Feb 1993 Number 82
Knit-Cro-Sheen used for green. Red is probably same or size 10.
Both are approx 12 inches diameter in size.